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Chasing Dreams or Running From Fears? Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Joanne M. Dickson, professor of psychology and mental health at Edith Cowan University, explores...

Student Acquitted of Rape Can Sue Accuser for Defamation

The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled Friday that a former Yale student acquitted of raping a fellow student could sue his...

Community College Students Expect Better Customer Service

Community college administrators say their students want better support when it comes to institutional customer service—and that they’re right for...
Students sitting at computers in a lab

The Latest Campus Clinic: Cybersecurity

Modeled on legal and health clinics, campus units that give students hands-on training while providing a community service gain university, corporate and government backing.

Connecticut Community College Merger Imminent

A long-awaited merger of Connecticut’s 12 community colleges is happening July 1. The singular statewide college will be called Connecticut...

Weekly Wisdom | Interview with University of Utah President Taylor Randall

Get inspired by this incredible conversation about leadership with University of Utah President Taylor Randall.

West Virginia Commission Expresses Concerns About Alderson Broaddus

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission this month granted reauthorization for every private college in the state to continue...
Students gathered around the Cabrini logo on an athletics field.

Cabrini University Will Close

After months of seeking a partnership, Cabrini University will close. Nearby Villanova University is working on a deal to acquire its campus.