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Russia Seeks to Arrest CUNY Professor, ‘New Yorker’ Writer

Russia has placed a new distinguished professor at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of...
From left to right, Claudine Gay, president of Harvard University, Elizabeth Magill, now former president of University of Pennsylvania, Pamela Nadell, professor of history and Jewish studies at American University, and Sally Kornbluth, president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, testified before the House Education and Workforce Committee last week on the issue of antisemitism on campuses. In the photo of the hearing, Gay, in the foreground, is speaking.

Lessons on Moral Clarity From the Antisemitism Hearing

The presidents’ answers were not so much wrong as they were deaf to the moral imperatives of the moment, Karl Schonberg writes.

A photograph of Michigan Technological University's campus.

Did the Top Campus for Student Free Speech Punish Faculty Speech?

A Michigan Tech professor allegedly called Young Americans for Freedom members “idiots” in class—and was then removed from the class.

A drawing of a faceless figure atop a ladder adding the top block to a vertical stack of alphabetical blocks that spell out "LUCK."

Welcome to the Admissions ‘Luckocracy’

The degree to which the college admission process is a meritocracy may be in question—but it’s most certainly a luckocracy, Jim Jump writes.

University of pennsylvania President Liz Magill, a light-skinned woman with blond hair, at a hearing before a congressional committee.

Penn President Resigns After Missteps on Antisemitism

Liz Magill stepped down after her remarks at a congressional hearing sparked outrage. Her resignation followed months of tension on campus.

Woman in a cap and gown holding a fan of dollar bills

‘Merit Scholarship’ or Enrollment Incentive?

Non-need-based merit aid has surged in the past decade, especially at struggling public institutions looking to boost enrollment. Some say it’s an unacknowledged equity issue.

A screenshot of the Navigating Neuro webpage by DePaul University neuroscience staff

Academic Success Tip: Foster New Student Relations Online, In Person

DePaul University staffers are piloting a zero-credit course to connect incoming neuroscience students and provide a resource hub for them during their first year.


The Growing Public Disgust With the Ethos of Elite Private Universities

The causes and consequences of mounting public distrust of elite higher education.