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Former Northwestern Coach Sues for Wrongful Termination

Pat Fitzgerald, the Northwestern University football coach who was suspended and later fired following allegations of hazing on the football...
Black student raising hand to answer question while attending class with her university colleagues.

Report: Teaching for Black and Latino Student Success

For many students, introductory mathematics courses can be a hurdle to degree completion, but instruction methods can help close equity gaps for underrepresented students.

Sunset over the Grand Canyon University campus

Grand Canyon University Lambastes Federal Agencies in ‘Unusual’ Public Statement

One of the nation’s largest Christian institutions claims the U.S. is “coordinating” attacks against it.

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Academics Oppose Publisher Removing Chapter of Book on Sexual Misconduct

The chapter was withdrawn by Routledge after the publisher got legal threats, including from a professor claiming he had been identified in the book.

A photograph of students walking at the University of Arizona.

Arizona Faculty Threatened After Online Commotion Over Gender Teaching

College of Nursing employees were called "groomers" and received threats in response to Libs of TikTok's posting of two class slides. Faculty members are criticizing the university’s response.

5 Injured in Morgan State Shooting

A gunman opened fire on campus at Morgan State University in Baltimore late Tuesday night, wounding five people between the...

UC Davis Hiding Photos of Musk-Owned Neuralink Monkey Tests

The University of California, Davis, is refusing to disclose hundreds of photographs its staff took of Neuralink’s primate test subjects...