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Two students hug and comfort each other during a support group session.

Report: Helping Sexual Violence Survivors Complete College

Students who experience sexual violence while enrolled in postsecondary education have a high likelihood of earning lower GPAs or dropping out. Here are three areas where higher education leaders can focus efforts to promote student success for those who are carrying such trauma.

3 Dead in Shooting at UNLV

A gunman killed three people on the University of Nevada at Las Vegas campus Wednesday afternoon, The Las Vegas Review-Journal...

Education Department Opens 5 More Title VI Investigations

The Education Department is investigating alleged discrimination involving shared ancestry at five more colleges and universities, according to its updated...
An auditorium of students watching a film

Documentary Fuels Academic Freedom Debates

Colleges across the country have screened the documentary Israelism, but it caused controversy at the University of Pennsylvania and Hunter College in New York.

Black male college student sits at his laptop taking notes at home as he listens to a webinar.

Key Differences in Student Satisfaction With Career Centers

Nonwhite students and online students who have engaged with their campus career centers have lower satisfaction and effectiveness rates for these services than white peers and those taking all or some of their classes online, respectively.

Four people stand behind a table with the words "the Evergreen State College" on a banner

Teacher, Adviser, Researcher… Recruiter?

Plummeting enrollments at Evergreen State College put deep cuts on the table. When the faculty volunteered to help recruit new students, the tide began to turn.

A male college student sits alone in a hallway with his hands on his head, looking anxious and stressed.

Young, Male and Adrift

College-aged men need to feel better supported and connected than many currently do, Andrew Reiner writes.


An Ecosystem of Trust

Exploring digital credentials, governance and agency with ASU’s Trusted Learner Network.