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A man holds two white takeout boxes of food.

Student Wellness Tip: Creating Campus Access to Free Meals

Efforts to remedy food insecurity at three institutions demonstrate various strategies to assist students with this basic need, from implementing new technologies to offering centralized locations.

In an underwater photo, a woman in a scuba mask smiles while next to a coral reef

Faculty Diverges on Researcher’s Alleged Misconduct

A University of Delaware associate professor of marine science says a faculty panel ruled in her favor after another committee found her guilty of research misconduct. She says the president is still planning to fire her.

The eight-columned facade of the U.S. Supreme court.

Liberal Arts Colleges to Keep Prioritizing Diversity

An open letter from presidents of institutions that belong to LACRELA, the Liberal Arts Colleges Racial Equity Leadership Alliance.

Medical School Cancels Forum Expected to Criticize Diversity Efforts

The Medical College of Wisconsin cancelled a forum on the “ uses and abuses” of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts...
Four incarcerated students stand in front of a mural of the Blue Mountain Community College logo at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

A Cost-Saving Measure Raises Concerns for Incarcerated Students

Blue Mountain Community College will no longer run G.E.D. programs at local prisons. Campus leaders say the program isn’t cost-effective. Faculty members are concerned students’ education will be disrupted.

A marching band in red and gold outfits plays in front of the Reflecting Pool and Washington Monument.

A Growing Corps of ‘Capital Campuses’

Satellite campuses are proliferating and expanding in Washington, D.C. Not only do they enhance the student experience, but they also give institutions access to policy makers and grant-writing organizations.

Students are gathered in a circle, all using their cellphones and looking down at the devices.

Students Take a Detour From Digital Overuse

When Yueying Yu and a peer established and grew the Social Media Is Bad club, they learned the power in connecting and identifying solutions to shared problems while face-to-face.

Cropped concept photo of hands on a laptop, filling out some kind of questionnaire. Color scheme is blue.

Students and Academic Life: The Top 10 Insights

The biggest takeaways from our Student Voice survey on academic life have implications for teaching practices, deadline flexibility, grading, advising and more.