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Allowing More Independent Adventure for Children: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Peter Grey, research professor of psychology and neuroscience at Boston College, examines why children...
Student walk on the University of Texas at San Antonio campus

Program Innovation: Accessible, Paid Experiential Learning With Local Businesses

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s experiential learning program partners students from various majors with local businesses to help find solutions to real-world issues.

A colorful array of trash, bottles, stolen signs, electric scooters, trash cans, a lamppost and more are scattered around a statue of the University of Maryland's terrapin mascot.

U of Maryland Students Warned to Curb Offerings to Mascot

Administrators at the University of Maryland are imploring students not to dump “bulk trash, alcohol, road signs, residence hall property...
A student writes on a protest sign. Behind her, a student writes on a sign that says "opportunity for all" in blue letters.

Undocumented and Unemployed

A group of undocumented students and legal scholars are arguing that the University of California system legally can and should employ these students on their campuses.

Central State President Resigns Amid Scrutiny

Central State University president Jack Thomas is stepping down at the end of June amid scrutiny and allegations of discrimination...

Oxford Drops Sackler Name From Buildings

The University of Oxford announced that it would remove the Sackler name from several campus buildings and staff positions, joining...
High angle shot of an unidentified young female student looking stressed while studying in the library - stock photo

Survey: Stress Undercutting Student Success

In the newest Student Voice survey, students say stress negatively affects their academic success, and reducing stress is their No. 1 health goal. Students also see faculty members as bearing responsibility for reducing stress.