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Zayed University Faces Loss of Middle States Accreditation

Zayed University, in the United Arab Emirates, faces the loss of its U.S. accreditation unless it can show the Middle...

Free Speech Requirement for Law Schools Moves Forward

A proposal that would require all law schools to adopt free speech policies is one step closer to approval. The...
A photograph of Ahlam Muhtaseb, professor of communication studies at California State University, San Bernardino, standing with duct tape on her mouth. Her head is covered and she wears a kaffiyeh around her neck.

Gaza Speech Allegedly Blocked by National Communication Association

A historic moment for Palestinians at the organization’s annual conference was shut down over concerns about calling the deaths in Gaza “genocide,” professors say.

Using AI Tools to Prepare Slide Decks: Pulse Podcast

In this month’s episode of The Pulse podcast, the host Rodney B. Murray discusses his experience using AI-powered tools to...
A robot hand holds a digitized globe against an orange background.

U.S. Lags in AI Use Among Students, Surveys Find

Students across the globe weighed in on their AI usage, with the U.S. lagging behind. 

Kids and Sci-Fi Books: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute: Emily Midkiff, assistant professor of teaching, leadership and professional practice at the University of North...
A young man works with his laptop open using a pencil and notebook, studying in a common area during the daytime.

Career Prep Tip: Teach Students to Work Alongside AI

Students want more guidance around using artificial intelligence, and at Student Success US, career services professionals discussed the role of institutions in preparing learners for the jobs of the future.

Photo illustration of a slug in a graduation cap on money

Universities See Sluggish Endowment Returns

Endowments boomed in fiscal year 2021 but returns have since fallen. Fiscal year 2023 brought minimal growth for most of the nation’s top endowments.