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New Analysis Finds Race-Conscious Admissions Didn’t Close Equity Gaps

An analysis of selective versus open-access institutions found that diversity gains made at the most selective U.S. colleges and universities...

‘Breaking Down Barriers to Student Success’: A New Compilation

Institutions are increasingly focused on breaking down barriers to student success, not only within the classroom but across the student...

Mixed-Status Families Can Now Complete FAFSA

The Department of Education has implemented a temporary fix to the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) that...
A photo showing many police officers standing in a line near a circle of protesters.

A Full Campus Shutdown at a California State University

Cal Poly Humboldt was the first to switch to online classes and lock its doors in response to a building occupation. The occupation is over, but the campus remains closed.

A digitized book is in the middle of the photo, surrounded by a blue background and several arrows pointing toward computer folders

New AI Guidelines Aim to Help Research Libraries

The new list of seven principles support librarians increasingly bombarded with questions about artificial intelligence.

Ep. 112: How Should We Measure Post-College Outcomes?

Zakiya Ellis, a longtime policy expert, on whether we’re asking the right questions and have the right data.

Protesters stand in front of a building they’ve occupied at Columbia University

Live Updates on Campus Protests, April 30

The latest news on developments at colleges and universities around the country.

A police officer mounted on a horse, faces a group of protesting students, one holding a sign that reads “Free Palestine”.

Are We Repeating the Mistakes of the 1960s?

Police-based strategies for containing campus protests fail in balancing safety with student expression, Yalile Suriel writes.