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New Programs: Trauma-Informed Education, Psychology, Business, Marketing, Nursing

Hiram College is starting graduate-level certificate in trauma-informed education. Mississippi State University at Meridian will be starting its first doctoral...

The Promise of Pedagogical Play

It can be valuable for not only children but also grown-ups, write Niya Bond and Todd Zakrajsek, and in fact should be a priority for academics’ professional development.

Where Will Generative AI Lead?

Looking ahead to the not-too-distant future, we are likely to see more about biocomputers. Using brain and stem cells, researchers are hoping to vastly accelerate and expand performance.

Wayne State Suspends English Professor for Social Media Post

Wayne State University has suspended an English professor for a social media post that allegedly called for violence, The Detroit...

Academic Success Tip: A (Study) Room of Their Own

Howard Community College is the latest institution to add a family study room. Proponents of these spaces say they help students who are parents and signal something deeper about belonging—when they’re part of a suite of family-friendly policies.

How Childhood Preferences Shape Adult Tastes: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Arianna Maffei, professor of neurobiology and behavior at Stony Brook University, looks at how...

Arizona Admits Failings in Murder of Professor, Faces Suit

University of Arizona president Robert C. Robbins admitted failings in the October murder of a professor, Thomas Meixner, on the...

Wellness Tip: Host a Mini Horse Visit to Provide Stress Relief, Fun for Students

During stressful times in the academic year, some higher ed institutions are bringing in mini horses to promote student wellness, increase morale and expose students to equines.