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A photo of students walking on the UC Santa Cruz campus

UC Santa Cruz’s Admissions Gamble

The university admitted a record number of students this year despite a tight local housing market. But in the end, officials expect to increase head count by only about 730 students.

photo of nursing student at Hodges

Another Small College, Hodges University, Will Close

The private nonprofit institution in Florida has seen its enrollment fall by more than half since 2017, and it appeared to run out of runway.

The Week in Admissions News

The Education Department settles with five law schools over financial aid; a new report explores the role of California's Hispanic-serving community colleges; New College of Florida aims to lure students to a new Odyssey course with free books and food trucks.

A group of students interact in a hallway.

All in a Day’s Work: Supporting Student Club Flourishing

Two higher education practitioners share their experiences promoting student success in extracurricular activity support and what it taught them about their role.

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Does Climate Activism Help or Hinder an Academic Career?

Scientists involved in blocking roads and invading private jet terminals say they’ve lost out on promotions and been reported by students, but others cite their protests in grant applications as forms of research output.

New Presidents or Provosts: Chadron State College, Gulf Coast State College, Manhattan College, Muskingum College, Queensborough CC, Wayne State U

Phyllis Curtis-Tweed, vice president for academic and student affairs at Bermuda College, has been appointed provost and vice president of...
Students interact in the Perch Wellness Room, located in the USJ Center for Wellness Development.

Success Program Launch: Coaching for Students With Executive Dysfunction

The Xenia program at the University of Saint Joseph in Connecticut will provide one-on-one support and advising for students who may need an extra boost in being college ready, particularly with being organized and making connections.

U.S. Fines Law Schools Over Financial Aid Violations

The U.S. Department of Education has settled with five free-standing law schools after an investigation showed that those institutions “improperly...