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An image of a computer screen bearing the words "Direct Admissions" with a ladder and a graduation cap perched atop the screen

Direct Admissions Boosts Applications, but Not Enrollment

Large-scale study finds that guaranteeing free, simplified admission increases college applications from minoritized, low-income and first-gen students, but cost still deters them from enrolling.

A group of nursing students sits around a long conference table looking at the instructor

Academic Success Tip: Successful Onboarding of Graduate Students

Adelphi University’s College of Nursing and Public Health equips graduate students with resources, services and tools needed to succeed in a monthlong program at the beginning of their studies.

Biden Administration Moves Forward With New Repayment Plan

Student loan borrowers can now apply for the Biden administration’s new loan repayment program, and the Education Department is working...

Face Mask Requirement Reinstated at Atlanta College

Morris Brown College in Atlanta is requiring students and employees to wear face masks on campus for the next two...
A blonde Barbie astrophysicist doll, dressed in a shiny purple shirt and black pants, standing next to a telescope.

Why Does Physicist Barbie Want to Wear Pants?

If “femininity” and “physicist” cannot coexist even in Barbieland, how are we ever to support their coexistence in the real world, Natasha Holmes asks.

Social Cost of AI in Social Interactions: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute, part of Cornell University’s Impacts of AI Week: Malte Jung, associate professor of information science...
A hand with a paintbrush works on a colorful abstract painting on a wooden table.

AI Raises Complicated Questions About Authorship

As the public awaits clarity on the legality of generative AI outputs, academics parse differences between how machines and humans borrow in creative pursuits.

Migrants Must Vacate Buffalo State Dorms

Buffalo State University will evict 44 migrants from its dorms this weekend after abruptly ending an agreement with a community...