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Speaker Kevin McCarthy surrounded by reporters holding smartphones

Default Likely to Negatively Impact Country’s Economy, Higher Ed

Experts and lobbyists warn that the economic consequences of a government default will make it more expensive for colleges to operate and harder for students to afford tuition and for researchers to work.

The ornate facade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, as seen through an archway.

Avoiding Curricular Pitfalls of Study Abroad

If not designed carefully, study abroad programs risk reinforcing injustices, epistemic and otherwise, Liz Bucar writes.

Babson College SPEAR students smile for a photo

Student-Led Group Prepares Peers for Investment Banking Internships

A Babson College alumnus developed a peer-led program aimed at preparing sophomores with needed technical and soft skill development to break into the field.

People, most wearing purple ponchos, hold purple and white signs on a sidewalk. The signs say "UMich Grad Workers Strike Strike Strike" and the union's name.

At Michigan, Getting an A Because Your Instructor’s On Strike

The University of Michigan graduate workers’ strike caused grading issues. Some department chairs have said they plan to give out A’s.

People, mostly in red shirts, some with #campusworkers4democracy on the back, listen to a speaker with a megaphone outside a Virginia Commonwealth University building.

At VCU, Even Less Job Security for Nontenured Faculty

Three out of five faculty members at Virginia Commonwealth are on “term” contracts. The university has stopped offering them three-year contracts.

A University of Southern California campus photo, depicting a long walkway toward the entrance of a USC building. A garden with pink and white flowers and well-manicured shrubbery bisects the brick walkway.

In Ph.D. Funding, Identity Shouldn’t Trump Merit

The practice of awarding Ph.D. student funding on the basis of racial, ethnic or gender identity undermines the research enterprise, James Moore II, Kursat Christoff Pekgoz and Spiro Pantazatos write.

Astronomy Preprint Withdrawn Over a Co-Author’s Inclusion

An astronomy preprint’s lead author withdrew the paper and is removing one of the co-authors: Geoff Marcy, who resigned his...

Ohio’s Miami U Faculty Unionize

Miami University faculty members have voted 450 to 241 to unionize, in an election where nearly 90 percent of eligible...