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Monthlong Temple Strike Enters Possibly Pressing Week

This week looms large, with a possible no-confidence vote for university administrators and public dissent within the graduate student workers’ union.

Why Aren’t More Institutions Following Colorado College and RISD?

Two prominent undergraduate colleges announced that they were leaving the U.S. News rankings. Will more colleges follow them?

Jackson State U President Placed on Leave

Thomas Hudson, president of Jackson State University, was placed on administrative leave with pay Thursday by Mississippi’s Board of Trustees...

Tenure Awarded… at Muhlenberg, WPI

Muhlenberg College Andrew Ardizzoia, music Giancarlo Cuadra, biology Matthieu de Wit, neuroscience Tineke D’Haeseleer, history Alexandra Frazer, psychology Worcester Polytechnic...

16 AGs Call Out DeSantis for Seeking Trans Students’ Data

A group of 16 attorneys general sent a letter to Florida governor Ron DeSantis Friday, raising concerns about a state...

‘Incrementally’ Moving Away From Police

It’s not just cities and towns that have worked to reform their police practices since 2020. Some campuses are trying to incorporate alternative models, too.

Valencia College Strips ‘Equity’ From Strategic Plan

The Board of Trustees at Valencia College stripped the word “equity” from the college’s strategic plan at a meeting last...

Spreading Hope While Promoting Belonging

Belmont University has hired a vice president of hope, unity and belonging to help the institution promote and practice its values of inclusiveness.