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Brown U Athletes Sue Ivy League Over No-Scholarship Policy

Two Brown University basketball players have sued the Ivy League over its prohibition on athletic scholarships, alleging the policy amounts...

Faculty Ends Inquiry After U of Ariz. Dismissed Report on Professor’s Death

The faculty committee that criticized the University of Arizona in the wake of professor Thomas Meixner’s murder won’t continue its...

Instructor and Polk State Student Killed in Plane Crash

A student pilot at Polk State College and his flight instructor were killed Tuesday when their plane collided with another...

Soil’s Importance to Planet Earth

We take the ground for granted. In today’s Academic Minute, part of SUNY Distinguished Professor Week, SUNY College of Environmental...

A ‘Policy Violation’ or Free Speech?

Several faculty leaders from Indiana University campuses wrote a letter opposing proposed state abortion legislation and defending a colleague. An IU official called it a “policy violation,” a new report reveals.

A Tale of 3 Governors

The Republican governors of Florida, Texas and Virginia are drastically reshaping higher education in their states—which some see as a precursor to the 2024 presidential race.

Wellness Tip: Using Polls to Get a Pulse on Students’ Mental Health

A communications professor at Salt Lake Community College implemented an anonymous mental health check-in with his students.

Comfort Dogs on the Public Safety Team

Working alongside campus safety officers, comfort dogs provide stress relief, emotional support and positive interactions between officers and community members.