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Making Progress Against ChatGPT

It can be hard to see progress, but I have tangible (anecdotal) evidence.

How a Row Over Med School Admissions Thwarted Korea’s President

Analysts suggest Pres. Yoon Suk-yeol’s handling of a dispute over the issue contributed to his unpopularity ahead of his party’s electoral defeat.

A photograph of Minouche Shafik looking serious and concerned.

Columbia President Accused of Dishonest Testimony, Throwing Professors ‘Under the Bus’

Minouche Shafik denounced antisemitism more forcefully than past Ivy League presidents in Wednesday's hearing, but Republicans who questioned her still aren’t satisfied. And some faculty members are alarmed.

People walk on Drury University’s campus on a sunny day

Student Wellness Tip: Incentivizing Students to Say ‘Hello!’

Drury University leaders created a month-long game to encourage students, faculty and staff to greet each other on campus, building students’ soft skills and breaking barriers to social interaction.

Students face to face with a line of New York City police in riot gear.

More Than 100 Students Arrested at Columbia

Turmoil grips campus in the wake of President Shafik’s grilling by Congress over alleged antisemitism.

Columbia President Minouche Shafik speaks before a House committee

Columbia President Weathers Grilling Over Campus Antisemitism

Wednesday’s heavily hyped hearing didn’t deliver a raft of damaging viral moments. But Columbia professors came under withering scrutiny that’s likely just begun.

A young woman concentrating as she writes at a table in an academic setting.

Academic Success Tip: Teaching Introverts Confidence and Community

A course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute helps students feel comfortable in their personality type and learn professional skills.

On the left side of the photo, a hand holds a pen and is writing on a white piece of paper. On the right side, a robot is pointing toward the piece of paper.

Faculty Unions Seeking Formal AI Guidelines

Most faculty union contracts make no mention of artificial intelligence, but rising concerns about faculty autonomy and job security are starting to shape discussions about labor protections.