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The Name Game

Some community colleges have dropped the word “community” from their names as institutions re-envision their academic offerings and try to avoid negative stereotypes.

Dual Enrollment Pays Off: Academic Minute

Today on the Academic Minute : Wes Routon, associate professor of economics and quantitative analysis at Georgia Gwinnett College, explains...

Gallaudet Moves Classes and Finals Online

Gallaudet University has moved the remaining classes this semester, as well as final exams, online, The Washington Post reported. Students...

When Is It Safe to Reopen After a COVID-19 Lockdown?

Using information to decide when to reopen after a pandemic can be tricky. In today’s Academic Minute, part of Florida...

Humanities Graduate Education Is Shrinking

A new report from the Humanities Indicators Project finds that master’s degrees in humanities fields peaked in 2012 and Ph.D.s three years later. There are no signs of a bounce back.

For Those Most at Risk, COVID-19 Is Not Over

With the lethal threat of COVID-19 on the decline, many colleges are relaxing policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Disability advocates fear that high-risk individuals will suffer.

College Is About to Get Its Own Tea Party

Unless colleges and Democrats take pre-emptive action, the Biden administration’s student loan moratorium qua forgiveness could easily lead to a Republican war on higher education.

Betting on Pennsylvania Students

Pennsylvania’s governor is proposing a scholarship program for in-state college students for a third time. The stakes haven’t changed, but neither has the opposition from the horse-racing industry, whose revenues would partly fund the program.