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A Radical Change for Admissions

Students don’t even fill out applications in this “flipped” system. And this system doesn’t really want the students bound for Harvard or its ilk.

A Grab for Power

Newly revealed draft legislation shows that Florida governor Ron DeSantis sought to give state officials more control of public colleges and universities, including over hiring and curriculum.

Loyola Chicago Receives $100 Million Gift

Loyola University Chicago announced a $100 million gift from John and Kathy Schreiber to fund full scholarships, room and board...

2 Iowa State Students Killed at Church

A gunman killed two Iowa State University students outside a church Thursday, The Des Moines Register reported. The shooter had...

The Week in Admissions News

Shelved criteria for U of California admission; racial gaps in loans; public support for debt relief; a new app for new students.

From COVID Czar to Strategy Czar

College leaders can take the same approach they used for managing COVID on campus and apply it to implementing overall institutional strategy, Kent Barnds writes.

Ousted S.C. State President Sues for Lost Pay, Damages

Ousted from South Carolina State University in July, former president James Clark has filed suit against his former employer and...

What Potential Grad Students Are Looking For

Career advancement and career change motivate many searches.