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Canada and Australia Lose Allure for International Students

In a survey, they deemed the United States, with the looming possibility of a second Trump presidency, a more reliable education prospect than its anglophone rivals.

Australian Bill Criminalizes Unauthorized Research Collaborations

The proposal includes tough new sanctions for sharing regulated technologies, except with the U.K. and U.S. Skeptics ask whether nuclear submarine pact is worth the trouble.

Distance Doctoral Students ‘Invisible’ to Universities

People were studying remotely for higher degrees long before COVID, researchers say, and universities should pay them more attention.

Australia’s Great Divide: Rich Universities Grow as Others Falter

Post-pandemic, wealthy Australian universities are attracting more investment and richer international students, while poorer institutions struggle to educate the bulk of students.

The ‘Profound Disadvantage’ of Nonnative English Speakers

Survey finds it takes them much longer to perform routine academic tasks.

Australian Universities Consider Mergers

In states with small populations, the debates are intense.

Inflation and Housing Costs vs. International Education

Inflation and housing costs lead one in every two potential international students to reconsider, survey finds.

Australia Recovers With Foreign Students, but Not Domestic

A strong labor market and the rising cost of living are driving down domestic enrollments in Australia.