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No Child Left Standing

An award-winning high school teacher wants to make sure we know what's to blame for unprepared college students. He's asked college teachers to spread the word.

They Call Me Professor

What should your students call you when you don't have a title?

Talk to Me Like I'm Stupid: Baumol's Cost Disease

Borrowing from Ta-Nehisi Coates, I'm looking for help understanding this phenomenon as it pertains to higher ed.

My Liberal Arts Degrees

Pat McCrory of North Carolina is the latest governor to question the value of a liberal arts degree. This is the story of how its provided one kind of value (economic) to me.

Why We Should Talk About the Football Coach's Salary When Faculty are Let Go

Bowling Green announced it was letting go of 100 full-time faculty. Let's talk football.

Lance Armstrong, Rick Reilly, and Why I Put No Faith in Symbols

Sometimes I just can't let things go. Sportswriter Rick Reilly's response to being "duped" by Lance Armstrong appears to be one of those things.

11-time Sportswriter of the Year Rick Reilly Should Also Come Clean

Lots of people enabled Lance Armstrong's lies. Why not hear why they believed him?