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I’m trying to get a new thing going to promote new job opportunities in the broad academic innovation domain.

The idea is that I’ll use this space to collaborate with colleagues from universities, companies and other organizations (such as recruiters, associations and foundations) to share information about cool new job opportunities.

The searches I want to highlight are positions at the intersection of learning, technology and organizational change.

These roles might be leadership positions, but that leadership can be from the middle.

In short, I’m looking to promote the sorts of job opportunities that my network of academic innovation friends and colleagues might be interested in learning about and even applying for.

So far, I’ve worked with universities (and two friends) to promote two job opportunities:

My plan is to keep the questions about the job opportunities consistent to preserve the potential to utilize these featured gig pieces for research about the evolving world of academic innovation.

Here, my friend and colleague Kemi Jona, UVA’s Vice Provost for Online Education and Digital Innovation, gets full credit for coming up with the questions.

The questions I would want you to answer if you want to feature your job search in this space are:

Q1: What is the university [organization] mandate behind this role? How does it help align with and advance the university’s strategic priorities?

Q2: Where does the role sit within the university [organization] structure? How will the person in this role engage with other units and leaders across campus [the organization]?

Q3: What would success look like in one year? Three years? Beyond?

Q4: What kinds of future roles would someone who took this position be prepared for?

If you are trying to fill a position in the academic innovation space, a job that touches on some element of learning, technology and organizational change, please get in touch.

The process will start with an email in which you share the position description. If I think the job fits what I’m trying to do here, I’ll send you a Google Doc with the four questions above. We will then utilize that Google Doc to co-create the post.

Please reach out if you have any questions or ideas about this offer to help spread the word about the awesome positions you are recruiting to fill.

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