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Knowing When to Leave the Presidency

We'd all prefer to leave on our own initiative and when our institution is thriving -- not when the board chair asks us to step down, writes Roger Martin.

Advancing to the Presidency

S. Georgia Nugent provides some initial advice for women considering the top job.

Dismantling the Senior Team: A Troubling Trend

It's rarely a good idea and can severely damage the institution and create unnecessary turmoil, argues Pat Sanaghan.

Beyond the Dark Side

George Justice and Carolyn Dever offer practical information to faculty members considering joining the administration and others who just want a peek inside it.

Managing Your Reputation in a Time of Cultural Shift

Michael Bugeja endorses 10 tenets that may help you enhance your standing and effect positive change in your institution.

Why Colleges Should Consider Co-Presidencies

They could offer significant benefits and are not rare if one looks beyond academe, argue Karen Gross, Chris Forrest and Brandy Forrest.

Avoiding Annual Review Stress

Ellen de Graffenreid provides tips for managers to help find ways to make the process less fraught and time-consuming.

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

How can academic leaders foster a culture of excellence in their departments and other units? Robert A. Easter, C. K. Gunsalus, Sebastian Wraight, Nicholas C. Burbules and Jeremy D. Meuser suggest some specific actions to take.