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Big-Picture Thinking Can Start Now

Grad school is a perfect opportunity to look beyond minute details and hone that mind-set, a skill that can be used throughout your career and life, writes Anne Meyer-Miner.

Ensuring Underrepresented Grad Students’ Well-Being

Dinuka Gunaratne and Punita Lumb provide strategies to help racially minoritized students replenish their social resource capital so as to navigate the challenges of grad school successfully.

In 2023, Expand Your List of Dreams

A career is only part of life, writes Victoria McGovern. When you look back someday, what else would you want to see that you have done?

A Question of Values

Lauren Easterling explores why what we value matters when it comes to the goals we set, the plans we make and the career journeys we take.

Core Beliefs for a New Year of Job Searching

We carry such beliefs into each search and how we present ourselves as candidates, so it’s vital that grad students and postdocs hold the right ones, writes Vanessa Doriott Anderson.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

When mental health topics are taboo, grad students suffer in silence, write Christiann Gaines and Rebekah Layton, who explore ways the academic community can support trainees.

Build on 2022 for a Strong Career-Focused Start to 2023

Joseph Barber provides a roundup of career advice from this past year to help guide you in the new one.

Filling in the Gaps in Grad Student Career Readiness

Universities offer support for attending conferences or visiting archives, but it’s harder for trainees to find funding for professional development opportunities that lie outside academic research, write Baron Haber, Shawn Warner and Arica Lubin.