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Investing in Part-Time Faculty Success Supports Student Success

Colleges don’t truly understand the various goals and motivations of such faculty, who’ve played a key role–especially during COVID-19—in helping their institutions, says Rachel Bonaparte.

Avoiding an All-or-Nothing Approach to Your Career

Derek Attig explains how to break down and mine your work experiences to obtain far better insights about your needs, values and possible futures.

A Ph.D. After 40

Lauren Easterling offers advice for successful job searches after obtaining your doctorate or completing a postdoc in midlife.

The Importance of Branding in Your Career

It defines who you are as a job seeker, what you are looking for, what you would like to achieve and, most important, what people associate with your name, writes Ketan Marballi.

The Unsung Career Benefits of Graduate Teaching Assistantships

We need to emphasize or reconceptualize such assistantships as a source of skills that are transferable within and beyond academe, write Morris Grubbs and Ashley Sorrell.

Preparing for a Rapidly Changing World of Work

Sonali Majumdar highlights why grad students and postdocs should identify emerging employment trends, develop durable skills and ultimately adapt a growth mind-set for professional success.

Do Extracurricular Activities Help Advance Your Career?

Nana Lee offers guidance on how to find inspiration from activities outside your main research area and make them count.

Strategies for Articulating the Value of an Internship

Robert Pearson explores the benefits for grad students of participating in one and offers strategies for addressing any barriers that can arise in institutions without a history of supporting internships.