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Hard Choices

No interviews at the MLA? It's a tough decision on whether to go, but if you do, you can make the meeting valuable, writes Teresa Mangum.

The Academic Traveler

Getting organized for MLA, AHA, AEA or various other academic meetings? Eszter Hargittai has some ideas about managing the travel time efficiently.

Expert Advice

Peg Boyle Single interviews the authors of What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School.

Your Next Project

You can rely on the research skills you've learned as a scholar to navigate a new career path, writes Sabine Hikel.

The Interview -- Enter Stage Right

Teresa Mangum offers suggestions on the mechanics of this most important of conversations.

The Interview -- Readiness Is All

To be authentic and to cover the points you want, rehearsal is a must, writes Teresa Mangum.

Having the Final Say

Rob Weir offers tips on designing final exams.

Group Work

Writing frustrations and triumphs are meant to share, writes Peg Boyle Single.