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Support on the Tenure Track

GMP offers advice on how to get the backing -- personal and material -- that you need.

My First Year

Stephanie M. Foote considers lessons she's learned since finishing grad school.

Your Career on One Page

Developing a concise plan for your professional life -- the equivalent of a personal business plan -- can help you plot your next moves, or help you realize you're in a good place, says Jessica Quillin.

Why Aren't You Writing?

Last month, I was contacted by a faculty member I had met several years ago at a conference (I’ll call...

Don't Just Stand There, Say Something

“Well, look who’s here,” sneered my older, tenured, male colleague, “It’s Dr. Diversity.” Leaning into the old boys’ corner of...

Botching the Interview

Eliza Woolf recounts her mistakes when going up for a nonacademic job.

Meet Your Bodyguard

If you aren't making the progress you want, it's time to confront the issues that are holding you back, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore.

Serves You Right

A great record on service won't win you tenure, and it could cost you tenure, writes a new advice columnist.