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Career Traps or Pathways?

Morris Grubbs and Austin Trantham explore the conundrum of contingent faculty jobs for academics seeking tenure-track positions.

You Just Earned Your Doctoral Degree. Now What?

Estelle Young and A. Yvette Myrick explore how continuing professional development can help you capitalize on your achievements and make significant contributions to your field.

Teach Your Discipline and Help Students Get Jobs

Studying the humanities is a good in and of itself. That is completely true. And it’s a strategic argument that will win over no one, argues Rachel Toor.

Text Spinners and the Problem of Paraphrase Plagiarism

Instructors may notice the phenomenon of strange synonyms appearing in student papers, but they aren’t always aware of the tools used to produce those papers, writes Elizabeth Steere.

Publishing Your Book in the Wake of COVID

Gayle K. Brunelle and Annette Finley-Croswhite explore the potential for a lost generation of books and how to cope with the new normal in academic publishing.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown

All new experiences involve risks, which you can work to lower through strategic career exploration, advises Chris Smith.

Liberatory Leadership

BIPOC women administrators must step up and support other women of color in higher education, writes Shartriya Collier.

Promoting Institutional Change Through Inclusive Cluster Hiring: Part 2

Elizabeth H. Simmons and Becky R. Petitt share lessons learned in the process of implementing a new program of cluster hiring focused on the experiences of minoritized populations.