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Teach Governance

Graduate students and new faculty members will be helped in their careers by learning how their institutions work and how they can help shape policy, writes Terri Givens.

5 Networking Strategies

Think you don't know anyone outside higher ed who can help your job search? Sabine Hikel says you do.

Be a Tech-Aware Adjunct

If you aren't on the tenure track, demonstrating your technology savvy can help you land and keep jobs, writes an adjunct.

A Writing Routine

Peg Boyle Single offers a series of practical tips.

They Don't Read!

Over the years I’ve often taught Edward Bellamy’s classic 19th century utopian novel Looking Backward. It’s a blistering critique of...

Those Humanities Ph.D.'s

Did you hear the one about the humanities Ph.D.? Last month, Inside Higher Ed reported on the Graduate Education Initiative...

An Unfair Request

When you lack tenure, and you think a colleague with tenure is making an unethical request, how do you protect your ethics and your job? C.K. Gunsalus considers a reader's dilemma.

Tools for Teleworkers

Justin Draeger describes the communication methods and gadgets that no office -- centralized or not -- should be without.