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Writing Effective Recommendations for Remote Students

Remote courses are as much a solution as they are a problem for letter writers, write Libi Sundermann, Jeremy Davis, Chris Lott and Emma Rose.

Creating Supportive Classrooms for Refugee Students

Now more than ever, higher education institutions need to provide a place of safety and belonging for students from Ukraine and other parts of the world in crisis, writes Rima Gulshan.

From Ph.D. to CC

Rachel Arteaga, Cristóbal A. Borges and Jim Jewell offer advice for how doctoral students can prepare for and obtain faculty positions at two-year colleges.

Virtual Support for Earthbound Grad Students

Alfreda S. James highlights the benefits of a new online curriculum that guides students in designing their careers.

Black Women Navigating the Workplace: A Few Strategies

Brittany K. Robertson offers some recommendations based on a study she conducted on the experiences and perspectives of Black women staff members in higher education.

Empowering Students Through Instructor Evaluations

We need to teach students how to assess their professors without bias, writes Bryan A. Banks, who asks students to devise their own rubrics for evaluating his teaching.

What I’ve Learned From Ungrading

Robert Talbert shares the results of his experiment over the past semester with this approach to assessing and reporting on student learning.

2 Biases That Can Stall Your Career Advancement

Kristi DePaul describes those biases and provides advice on how you can overcome them.