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A standardized test answer sheet, with some bubbles filled in, and a pencil and eraser placed on top.

Reinstating Tests Is a Step Back for Access

The reasons elite colleges give for reinstating their standardized test requirements don’t stand up to scrutiny, Audrey Fisch writes.

A side view of a female professor lecturing to college students in a classroom.

Professors Are Not the Problem

The ‘viewpoint diversity’ movement ignores that professors aren’t just curators of readings –we’re experts in assessing arguments, Simon Feldman and Afshan Jafar write.

A close-up photo of a Black athlete’s hand holding a basketball, against a black background..

The Exploitation of Black Athletes

As March Madness begins, let’s acknowledge the racial exploitation behind college sports, Christian Collins writes.

An aerial view of the Yale University campus.

et tu Yale and Brown (and UT-Austin)?

Jim Jump reflects on moves by three more universities to reinstate standardized test requirements.

A man with gray hair and glasses sits at a table with laptop and book open, holding a clipboard, with filled bookshelves behind him.

A New College Lesson Plan for Improving Executive Functioning

Many students are coming to college with difficulties in basic tasks and life management skills, resulting in an inability to, for example, prioritize tasks effectively and get to class on time. Academic adviser Ana Homayoun offers four ways higher ed can support these students.

The book cover of Carl Öhman’s “The Afterlife of Data: What Happens to Your Information When You Die and Why You Should Care.” The cover features an image of a human skull against a red background.

Between the Living and the Dead

Scott McLemee reviews Carl Öhman's “The Afterlife of Data.”

A graphic with the heading 16/100 featuring 100 stick people, 16 of which are blue while the rest are grey, depicting the concept of 16 percent of people.

A Not-So-Sweet 16 Percent

We haven’t moved the dial on transfer student success, Eileen L. Strempel and Stephen J. Handel write.

A photo of an hourglass, with the dropping of sand signaling the passage of time.

A Case for Term Limits for College Leaders

Term limits would create conditions for more visionary and collaborative leadership, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner writes.