Artificial intelligence has a lot of potential for higher education. It can automate onerous tasks for teachers, help researchers leapfrog exercises that require complex computing skills and make higher education more accessible and personalized for students. But the risks of using AI are high, including biases that could be built into algorithms and a lack of transparency around data usage.

Though we may be a long way from understanding exactly how higher education can harness AI and machine learning’s great potential in a safe way, this episode's guests say that continuing to test and explore it is the only way to make progress.

Join THE Campus editor Sara Custer and senior content curator Miranda Prynne as they speak with Ashok Goel, a professor of computer science and human-centered computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the developer of the first automated teaching assistant, as well as John Wu an assistant astronomer at the Space Telescope Science Institute and an associate research scientist at Johns Hopkins University.


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