For this episode of the podcast we handed the mic over to the Campus network to get their top tips on how to be a good mentor and mentee. These relationships can make or break academic careers, so getting them right is crucial. Our contributors offer suggestions on how to choose a mentor or supervisor, how to give advice, how to do reverse mentoring and how to lay the ground rules so that everyone gets what they need from these relationships.

This episode’s contributors are:

Eve Riskin, dean of undergraduate education, Stevens Institute of Technology

Monika Foster, head of department marketing, operations and systems, Faculty of Business and Law, Northumbria University

Jon McNaughtan, associate professor, educational psychology, leadership and counseling, Texas Tech University

Sioux McKenna, director, Center for Postgraduate Studies, Rhodes University

Preman Rajalingam, director, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Pedagogy, Institute for Pedagogical Innovation, Research & Excellence, Nanyang Technological University 

Bryan Hanson, graduate student ombudsperson, Virginia Tech

Tara Brabazon, dean, graduate studies and professor of cultural studies, Charles Darwin University

Barbara Kensington-Miller, associate professor, school of curriculum and pedagogy, University of Auckland

Elena Riva, associate professor (reader) and head of department, Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning, University of Warwick

Gabriel Paquette, associate provost for academic affairs and faculty development, University of Maine

Lucas Lixinski, professor of law and justice, UNSW Sydney


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