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Sharing Attention Across Societal Divides

Shared attention can be key to bridging the gaps between us in society. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s Garriy Shteynberg explores.

An interview with Sian Beilock, president of Dartmouth

Sian Beilock, the first woman elected president of Dartmouth in the institution’s 250-year history, speaks about female leadership in higher education and performing under pressure

Highlighting Short-Term Costs Reduces Unhealthy Behavior

How do we stop our unhealthy behaviors? In today's Academic Minute, Cornell University's Kaitlin Woolley looks short-term for help.

Virtue and Video Games

Video games can get a bad rap at times, but they can bring benefits to those who play them. In today’s Academic Minute, Macalester College’s James Dawes examines how.

Voices of Student Success: College and Career Pathways for Rural Learners

Life after graduation readiness programs help rural high school students see a path to their future goals through college.

LGBTQ+ Workers Want More Than Pinkwashing

LGBTQ+ workers want more than companies appearing to support causes at work. In today’s Academic Minute, Ohio State University’s Dorian Rhea Debussy discusses what else should be done.

Global Warming and Weather Disasters

Global warming has contributed to a record number of weather and climate disasters. In today’s Academic Minute, the University of Dayton’s Shuang-Ye Wu breaks down why.

What Is a Sound Bath?

Sound baths have become all the rage to increase your health; but what does science say? In today's Academic Minute, San Diego State University's Elisa Sobo listens in.