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University leaders in Norway are working against a government plan to force them to charge tuition to students from outside the European Union, News in English Norway reported. Tuition is free in Norway -- for Norwegians and others -- but the new government has adopted a budget that assumes charges of about $15,000 for those outside the European Union. Norwegian academics note that when Sweden started charging foreign students, its foreign enrollments fell. Some universities in Norway are exploring ways to pay the foreign students' tuition so that the institutions can continue to enroll students from many parts of the world. Dag Rune Olsen, dean of the University of Bergen, told the newspaper Aftenposten, “We may need to admit fewer [foreign students], but I don’t think we can demand so much money from this group of students. We believe those foreign students who come to us are a very good investment in our future international network. They are good students but not necessarily able to pay tuition.”