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Two Former Athletes Sue UNC, NCAA Over Fake Courses

January 23, 2015

Two former athletes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are suing the university and the National Collegiate Athletic Association for failing to provide college athletes with the quality of education they were promised. The suit is seeking class action status and was filed on behalf of former women's basketball player Rashanda McCants and former football player Devon Ramsay.

The lawsuit is the second to be brought against UNC since a report in October revealed that some university employees knowingly steered about 1,500 athletes toward no-show courses that never met, were not taught by any faculty members, and where the only work required was a single research paper that received a high grade no matter the content. It's the first, however, to also include the NCAA (former football player Michael McAdoo sued UNC over the no-show classes in November).

The association reopened an investigation into UNC shortly before the October report was released, but the lawsuit alleges that the "NCAA sat idly by, permitting big-time college sports programs to operate as diploma mills that compromise educational opportunities and the future job prospects of student-athletes for the sake of wins and revenues."



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