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Eastern Michigan Urged to Drop D-I Football

April 26, 2016

The faculty union and student government at Eastern Michigan University on Friday urged the university to drop Division I football. In a report presented to the university's Board of Regents, the students and faculty suggested that the team should compete in Division II or Division III instead. They called the move a "moral imperative" that would save students money.

"Culturally and geographically, EMU football will simply never succeed from an attendance and financial standpoint," Howard Bunsis, a faculty member who helped prepare the report, said during the presentation, the Detroit Free Press reported. "It is a losing proposition. Always has been, and always will be. We hardly raise any money for football, and our attendance is the lowest in the country. Some of you believe that we are close to succeeding, if we just throw more money at the situation. This proposition is insane."


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