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Conservative Scholars Issue Anti-Trump Statement

October 19, 2016

Earlier this month, a group of about 150 conservative scholars, writers and media personalities signed on to a statement backing Republican Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency. In a response reflecting the deep divide among many conservatives in this election, a second group of right-of-center writers and scholars has released a statement declaring the GOP nominee the "candidate most dangerous to our nation's founding ideals."

So far, more than 140 individuals have signed on to the statement, which was posted online last week, along with a call for others to add their signatures. The full statement reads:

We are writers, academics, critics, historians and authors who have voted for Republican presidents and candidates.

Given our choices in the presidential election, we believe that Donald Trump is the candidate most dangerous to our nation’s founding ideals. He is a unique and dire threat to the political principles, liberties and cultural values of justice, fairness, honesty and decency we have long defended. We urge you to vote, as we will, for someone else.

The list was organized by the group Scholars and Writers Against Trump. Signers include Bloomberg View columnist Virginia Postrel, Commentary magazine editor John Podhoretz, The Bell Curve author Charles Murray, Tufts University professor Daniel Drezner, former Reagan White House official Linda Chavez and Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow Max Boot. Boot is among a number of prominent Republicans who have endorsed Trump's Democratic presidential rival, Hillary Clinton.

Bruce Bartlett, another signer who worked in the George H. W. Bush and Reagan administrations, wrote last year that "only after a landslide loss by Trump" could Republicans hope to win the White House again after learning that the existing conservative coalition could not win the presidency.


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