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Wayne State Police Officer Shot and Killed

November 28, 2016

Wayne State University announced that Collin Rose (right), one of the university's police officers, died from gunshot wounds he received when trying to apprehend a suspect off campus. The university's police officers are empowered to monitor and respond to possible crimes off campus. M. Roy Wilson, the president at Wayne State, issued this statement: "Please keep all our police officers in your thoughts as well. Collin is the first and only Wayne State officer ever to fall in the line of duty. Our officers mourn with us, but these dedicated, professional men and women continue to serve us courageously, every day. We can honor Collin’s memory best with our ongoing gratitude and support for all of our officers." Rose was 29 years old.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Deangelo Davis has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. Prosecutors said that Davis shot Rose as Rose was attempting to take Davis into custody.


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