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The College Fix, a conservative website that regularly criticizes what it sees as liberal bias in higher education, has announced it will start to disclose its ties to Betsy DeVos, the new U.S. education secretary. As reported by Inside Higher Ed, the site has been running supportive articles about DeVos without noting that Rick DeVos, her son, sits on the Board of Directors for the Student Free Press Association, a nonprofit group that runs the site and that has received a large portion of its funding from an anonymous conservative donor fund that the DeVos family has donated to heavily in the past.

John J. Miller, executive director of The College Fix, has now published a statement in which he says it was a mistake to publish articles about DeVos without noting the connection. Going forward, Miller said, articles on DeVos will include this statement: "Rick DeVos, the son of Betsy DeVos, serves on the board of the Student Free Press Association, the nonprofit parent organization of The College Fix."