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Virginia Tech President Timothy Sands’ second “State of the University” address was met with protests from students calling for the firing of a professor.was it a professor? I thought the Roanoke article was pretty clear that it was an employee, but didn't specify what kind of employee? -sj

“President Sands! Why do you employ a white supremacist?” a student shouted, according to The Roanoke Times. Other students then unfurled a banner reading “Nazis get off our campus,” and shouted and chanted during the remainder of his speech.

“We have spent a month talking to administration, asking them where are our answers,” a protester told The Times. “We haven’t had any action and we felt like the student body and the campus community had a right to know.”

Students were escorted out by security. The specific complaints against the professor -- and who the faculty member is -- were unclear.