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Taiwan’s highest court has ordered a dentist to pay nearly $1 million to his mother, who paid for the cost of his dental training, The New York Times reported.

The legal dispute centered on a written contract between the mother and the son, signed when the son was 20. The contract stipulated that after becoming a dentist, the son would give 60 percent of the proceeds from his dental practice to his mother until the total amount reached 50 million new Taiwan dollars, which is slightly less than $1.7 million.

The son argued that he had already repaid his mother more than $1 million and that the rest of his debt should be forgiven in light of the fact that he was just 20 when he signed the contract. Taiwan’s Supreme Court ruled against him, saying that since he was a legal adult at the time the contract was signed, he is responsible for meeting its terms. The court ordered the dentist to pay his mother an “upbringing fee” of more than $754,000, plus interest, which brings the total owed to more than $967,000.