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Image of Steve Bannon with a red circle with a slash through it superimposed on top.The University of Chicago has repeatedly stated that it would not block controversial speakers invited to campus by student or faculty groups -- and the university is holding that position amid protests by students and others. A professor at Chicago's business school invited Steve Bannon, formerly a top aide in the Trump administration and the executive chairman of Breitbart, to appear on campus, and Bannon has accepted. Students formed a group called Chicago Against Steve Bannon (logo at right) and held a protest Thursday. Many students are calling for the university to block the visit in some way.

The university issued a statement that said, "The University of Chicago is deeply committed to upholding the values of academic freedom, the free expression of ideas, and the ability of faculty and students to invite the speakers of their choice. Any recognized student group, faculty group, University department or individual faculty member can invite a speaker to campus. We recognize that there will be debate and disagreement over this event; as part of our commitment to free expression, the University supports the ability of protesters and invited speakers to express a wide range of views."