Accused Professor Won't Be Back at UCLA

March 13, 2018

For two years now, students at the University of California, Los Angeles, have been demanding that the university take stronger action against Gabriel Piterberg, a history professor accused of serial sexual harassment. Students have said that UCLA's decision to require him to leave the door open when meeting students shows that he should not be trusted at all with students.

On Monday UCLA announced that it had found that Piterberg "committed sexual harassment in violation of university sexual harassment policy by making unwelcome comments of a sexual nature and unwelcome physical conduct of a sexual nature (in the form of an open mouth kiss)." The university statement said that Piterberg disputed these findings, but that he had reached a settlement with the university. That settlement stipulates  "separation from employment, denial of emeritus status, denial of future employment with the University of California, denial of permanent or temporary office space or support, and denial of parking privileges and campus access beyond that which is afforded to general members of the public."

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