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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government has proposed banning gender studies programs at the country’s universities, the Hungarian Free Press reported.

The official reason is that the programs are not “economically rational,” though politicians associated with Hungary's right-wing ruling parties are on record opposing gender studies programs for ideological reasons.

The proposal would primarily affect Eötvös Loránd University and Central European University. CEU -- a U.S.-accredited graduate institution founded by George Soros -- remains locked in a standoff with Orbán’s government over its long-term future in the country.

“A recent proposal drafted by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Human Capacities touches upon the future of Gender Studies in Hungary,” CEU said in a statement provided to Inside Higher Ed. “The draft cannot yet be considered to represent the official standpoint of the Hungarian government. Regarding the issue, CEU informed the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference, and thereby the Hungarian government, about its position. Since this matter is currently in an ongoing and not public process, we do not wish to enter into the details. At the same time, CEU reaffirms its commitment to academic freedom and rejects any attempt at censoring academic curricula.”