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After the SAT make-up test was given this weekend, reports again circulated on social media that the make-up test included many questions from an SAT widely available in Asia. An educator who works in China told Inside Higher Ed that his students reported to him about the use of these "recycled" questions, and that one student told him she had taken a practice test with the questions the day before the exam. The educator asked not to be identified because he said he did not want to anger the College Board, which has been criticized for using old test questions even though the questions circulate in Asia. The last regular SAT was an example of a test in which many reported seeing questions that had been used before and that were widely available at test-prep centers in China and Korea.

A spokesman for the College Board said via email to Inside Higher Ed: "Theft of undisclosed forms continues, and we cannot comment publicly on form usage. We are making progress in both combatting theft and cheating, and in developing more items and test forms than ever before."