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Early Job Searches and Internships Lead to Good Jobs

September 17, 2018

Results from an EAB survey of more than 6,000 recent graduates from five public universities show that students who start their job searches at least six months before graduating, have a paid internship or join extracurricular organizations are more likely to get a good job after graduating. However, the research firm said most students do not participate in those activities.

For example, 34 percent of students started looking for a job between 6-12 months before graduation. Just 32 percent of surveyed students had a paid internship, while 31 percent had participated in an academic student organization.

"Students are increasingly focused on the kind of job and salary they can get right out of school. And administrators want to know what they can do to help students achieve their goals," Brandon Chinn, an EAB associate principal, said in a written statement. "This survey underscores how important it is for students and schools to be purposeful and proactive about career preparation. It also shows that too few students are doing so."

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