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Samuel J. Abrams, a professor at Sarah Lawrence College, had his office door vandalized after he wrote an essay in The New York Times saying that student affairs officials at colleges nationwide are disproportionately liberal. Abrams confirmed to Inside Higher Ed an account published in Reason about what happened and the president's response. According to Abrams, Cristle Collins Judd, the president, told him on the phone that he was "attacking" members of the Sarah Lawrence "community." (The piece by Abrams started with an anecdote about Sarah Lawrence, but was about national trends.) Abrams also said that Judd suggested he may be on the job market, which he interpreted as a suggestion that he should be (he's not). Abrams said that the college should be taking a strong, public position defending his right to express his views.

A spokeswoman for the college said via email to Inside Higher Ed that "we are addressing this situation internally."