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Another Month for Elsevier Talks With U California

January 2, 2019

The University of California System is engaged in a high-stakes battle with Elsevier, the publishing giant whose contract with the UC system was slated to expire at the end of December 2018. With UC threatening to walk away unless it wins substantial changes in the way Elsevier charges for journal access, many see the showdown as significant. Late last month, UC announced that it has agreed with Elsevier on a one-month extension to the contract that is expiring. A university statement said that the extension is part of a "good-faith effort to conclude negotiations by January 31."

Meanwhile in December, the Max Planck Society, which coordinates the online library for 14,000 scientists in Germany, located at several prominent research institutes, announced that it would end its subscription to Elsevier journals at the end of the month. A statement from the society said it was backing open-access alternatives to traditional journal publishing as "a response to the untenably increasing cost of access to scholarly journals and, more importantly, the stifling effect of the antiquated paywall system on the research process."


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