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Western Governors U Launches College Readiness Pathway

April 10, 2019

Western Governors University on Tuesday announced the creation of an online college readiness initiative, which will help aspiring students prepare for undergraduate degrees at WGU or other institutions.

WGU Academy will offer online courses in a competency-based format similar to WGU’s full online degrees. Students will be able to take two or more introductory-level college courses for a monthly fee, rather than committing to a full term of tuition. A typical student will spend three months completing the WGU Academy program at a cost of under $500. Enrollment will begin May 1.

“College readiness -- or the lack of it -- is one of the primary barriers to opportunity for many Americans, particularly those who are part of underserved or disadvantaged populations,” Patrick G. Partridge, WGU Academy president, said in a press release.

“WGU Academy will provide an affordable -- and scalable -- solution by closing the gap in college readiness,” he said.

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Lindsay McKenzie

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