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Portland State University found Peter Boghossian, one of the architects of the so-called Sokal-squared hoax involving fake critical studies papers, in violation of its policies on human subjects’ rights and protections. Boghossian, an assistant professor of philosophy at Portland State, shared a letter to him from the university saying as much this week on Twitter. The letter also says that Boghossian was found not to have violated policies governing the ethical treatment of animals in research (one of his bogus articles was about canine "rape culture" at dog parks) or those against plagiarism, fabrication and falsification in research.

Boghossian was ordered last year to take research compliance training; he has not yet done so, the letter states. Because Boghossian has not completed Protection of Human Subjects training, he is forbidden from engaging in research involving human subjects or any other sponsored research. "I believe the results of this office’s view of your research behavior raises concerns regarding a lack of academic integrity, questionable ethical behavior and employee breach of rules," reads the letter from Mark R. McLellan, vice president for research and graduate studies.