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For the past 11 years, Wayne State University has at the start of the year released a list of long-lost words to bring back into current use. This year's list:

  • Cachinnate -- to laugh loudly
  • Coruscate -- (of light) to flash or sparkle
  • Gewgaw -- a worthless, showy bauble
  • Luculent -- clear in thought or expression
  • Mullock -- rubbish, refuse, dirt
  • Perendinate -- to procrastinate a long time, especially two days
  • Redolent -- reminiscent or suggestive of, like a scent
  • Seriatim -- taking one subject after another in regular order; point by point
  • Somnambulant -- resembling or characteristic of a sleepwalker; sluggish
  • Velleity -- a wish or inclination not strong enough to lead to action